Shake Rattle and Roll Drumming and Percussion Workshops and Performances
   Shake Rattle and Roll      Drumming and Percussion Workshops and Performances

Mark Green

Mark has a wealth of experience as a Drummer and Percussionist, playing in a variety of venues ranging from cosy coffee bars across Europe to the huge Wembley Stadium.


He has played with numerous songwriters and artistes with diverse styles including Country and Western, funk, rock, punk and Latin music, through to classical piano and marimba duets.


Mark was touring with the Alvin Stardust band for many years but gradually phased out that work in favour of working with Shake Rattle and Roll. After Alvin's tragic passing in 2014, Mark has continued to perform regularly as a kit player and percussionist for a variety of bands and singer/songwriters as opportunities arise.


Not only is Mark an accomplished player but he has also had considerable experience as a teacher, including teaching on the full time courses at the highly acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.


With Shake Rattle and Roll he has demonstrated his ability to communicate clearly with his audience, as well as encouraging and inspiring children and adults of all ages.


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